Gone, But Never Forgotten...

We invite you to get to know the special senior dogs that our sanctuary family has rescued and loved over the last several years. They’re the original PSDS crew, and the heart and soul of our sanctuary. They live with our leadership team and at the sanctuary and are quite a collection of lovable characters who keep us on our toes 24/7!

photo of pepper

Pepper, Our Namesake

Pepper was a Pomeranian mix who spent his early life navigating years of neglect and heartbreak. He was rescued when he was seven years old by the love of his life, Mary, who saw through Pepper's tough exterior and unpleasant disposition that had served him well in his years of living in survival mode.

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photo of winston


Warrior Winston. He was our first rescue dog at the sanctuary, and his plight was tremendous. Our response to welcome him was quick, even though we weren't entirely ready for him.

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photo of snickers


Snickers' signature trademark was her tongue that spent its days hanging outside of her mouth, showing her desire to not miss a moment of tasting the good life that she led with her sanctuary family.

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photo of oslo


Oso was a rescue dog who lived to be a remarkable nineteen years old! As a stray puppy, this bear-like doppelgänger wandered his way onto a California ranch and instantly became the heart and soul of the operation.

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photo of kai


Kai was an appreciative, mostly toothless Pekingese fellow who was about fifteen-years-old. Kai was discarded at an overcrowded shelter but found his way to life of luxury at the sanctuary.

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photo of mavis


Pepper's had the privilege to have this little lady with us for even a very very short time. Mavis was abandoned at a shelter in very poor health, she was taken in by True & Faithful Pet Rescue mission and nursed back to life.

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photo of pennie


Pennie had the ability to look at us and smile. Not just a small smile, but a full-on grin that screamed, 'I'm home, I'm happy, I'm loved!'. Sweet Pennie used to spend her days patrolling the perimeter of the yard, checking for rabbits and conversing with the chickens and turkeys.

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photo of coco


Coco came to us from the Brussels Griffon Rescue after his owner passed away and the owner's children were unable to care for this sixteen-year-old fella. Coco had a few minor medical issues but trucked daily and got along so well with the rest of the pack.

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photo of elsie


This little lady was quite possibly the sweetest animal we have yet to encounter. There wasn't an aggressive bone in her tiny nine-pound body. Elsie was close to 100% blind but didn't seem to mind at all, and quickly figured out the lay of the land once she arrived at the sanctuary.

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Mugzee was a character with human eyes and the grace of a distinguished gentleman. We loved him and will miss his giant underbite, his crazy walk, and his messy beard. It was an honor, a privilege, and a blessing to be part of his life.

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With an oversized tail and a T-Rex-sized loving heart, this clumsy, bouncy Labrador-Mastiff mix was the second half of a dynamic dog duo that wandered onto a California ranch years ago and quickly became the very heart...

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