Captain Janeway

Captain Janeway was an old night owl gal who loved people and knew what she liked! Captain Janeway’s longtime owner was no longer able to care for her, so she was temporarily placed in the care of a small, local shelter, although they were not equipped to provide her with the kind of intensive care she needed. After the surgical removal of a growth on one of her hind legs, the incision was healing more slowly than expected and required the kind of specialized medical attention that PSDS’s veterinary team was capable of offering. As if that issue wasn’t enough, she suffered from arthritis as well as significant, age-related hearing and vision loss, all of which called for a less stressful environment. With so many special needs, PSDS seemed to be the perfect place for this old gal.

Captain Janeway (or Jane, for short) let her personality surface shortly after arrival. She was telling us that she was fine being around other dogs, as long as they left her to herself. But she loved people, as evidenced by the strong wag of her tail whenever someone new approaches. She even offered kisses to new people with whom she felt comfortable.

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