photo of winston
Winston. Warrior Winston. He was our first rescue dog at the sanctuary, and his plight was tremendous. Our response to welcome him was quick, even though we weren't entirely ready for him. Sometimes that's how real love works: you see a need and respond to it even when it isn't planned because a soul cries out for help and you can show up when others didn't. He came to our arms when we received a frantic call from the shelter that had Winston: they were at capacity, which meant that he was listed for euthanasia. It's something that happens all too often.  He was in tough shape when we adopted him: teeth falling out, tumors, cancer, and toenails so long they were curling back into his paw pads. And yet he carried with him the strongest will to live. He fought so bravely and enjoyed the new life he'd won. He loved nothing more than the pampering compassion and love he found in his rescue superhero, Justin. They were the dynamic duo who loved enjoying a long day of lap-napping and solving the world's problems with their telepathic connection. Winston peacefully passed away in November 2019 in Justin's arms. His memory is so very special and tender to us all.
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