Make a Donation to Pepper’s Senior Dog Sanctuary

Pepper's mission is only possible thanks to support of community members such as yourself. There are many ways to get involved and we are grateful for you considering making a donation to our Sanctuary Seniors!

Whether you would like to add some S.A.S.S in your life with our sponsorship a senior program, honor a loved one with a brick or make a one-time donation, EVERY gift allows a senior dog a chance to thrive in their Golden Years. Thank you for believing in us as much as we believe in them.

Good Days, Bad Days, and Last Days...we're here for them all.

Do You Have S.A.S.S?

Pepper's Sponsor a Sanctuary Senior (S.A.S.S) offers a chance for you to provide food, toys, medical care and more to a special senior dog. Each month, you will receive a picture and story of how your friend is doing. You'll also be able to come to the Sanctuary quarterly to walk your friend. YOUR support offers a special pup a place to be loved in their senior years. THANK YOU for having S.A.SS!

Protect the Pack - $20/mo.

This $20 a month sponsorship provides necessary vaccines and medicines such as Bordetella, DA2PPV and Rabies. Also includes heart medicines and other items a senior dog may need.

Protect the Pack here!

Feed a Friend - $40/mo.

This $40 a month sponsorship provides dry food, treats and toys. Also provides special dietary food as needed for your senior friend.

Feed a Friend here!

Reduce the Risk - $65/mo.

This $65 a month sponsorship provides spay/neuter as needed, antibiotics, monthly check-up and preventative medications for your senior friend.

Reduce the Risk here!

If you prefer to make your donation with Venmo, just scan the code below:

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