Colorado Gives Day

Featured on Fox31 for Colorado Gives Day.

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Colorado Give's Day

Featured on 9News for Colorado Gives Day.

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Senior dogs find shelter at a new sanctuary

Pepper's Senior Dog Sanctuary is a "dog retirement community" for older dogs to spend their final years in after living in an animal shelter.

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Pepper's Senior Dog Sanctuary opens its doors to unadoptable pals

Justin Klemer, along with his mother and cousin, had spent four years fundraising to finally launch a Littleton facility

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Colorado sanctuary giving unadoptable dogs luxury accommodations

Colorado tops the list of states with "most devoted dog owners," but still, there are pets that languish in shelters. Colorado is not a "no kill" state, so thousands of animals get euthanized every year. A new facility in Douglas County promises sanctuary for senior dogs, and will relieve some of the overcrowding in animal shelters.

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Painting of a building

Bringing Them Home