photo of snickers
Snickers' signature trademark was her tongue that spent its days hanging outside of her mouth, showing her desire to not miss a moment of tasting the good life that she led with her sanctuary family. Sweet Snickers spent the first nine years of her life confined to a cage before she was rescued by the National Mill Dog Rescue. The veterinarian estimated that she'd birthed at least seven litters of puppies in that time, resulting in two large mammary tumors. Thankfully, the tumors were removed when she transitioned to the world of a happy rescue dog. Snickers' healing began the moment she found the safety and compassion of Mary and her family, who understood that Snickers needed time to overcome her trauma and fear of people. Snickers joined PSDS as the inspiration for opening Pepper's Senior Dog Sanctuary. Snickers would spread her kisses by affectionately spitting in your face—it was her way of sharing her joy. Her memory brings us joy still to this very day.
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