It’s important to know that PSDS is not an adoption and/or foster agency, and we do not accept dogs via owner surrender or drop offs.

All of our senior dogs reside with us for the duration of their lives. We are their forever home. You might be wondering how our sanctuary dogs are chosen. While we wish we could give every dog a home, that is simply not feasible or realistic. But for those who are selected for intake into PSDS, the decisions are based on the following criteria:

Pearl the dog
  • Imminent euthanasia due to overcrowding
  • Dogs not being adopted due to age
  • Dogs not being adopted due to medical needs
  • Heartworm-positive dogs
  • Dogs with a disability preventing adoption
  • Personality and temperament considerations (to ensure safe dynamics within the pack)

Our Current Residents

We invite you to get to know the special senior dogs that our sanctuary family has rescued and loved over the last several years. They're the original PSDS crew, and the heart and soul of our sanctuary. They live with our leadership team and at the sanctuary and are quite a collection of lovable characters who keep us on our toes 24/7!

A bassett hound running down a dirt road


Our senior Basset Hound is equal parts sweet and quirky ole man. Because he was a breeding dog in a commercial puppy mill most of his 11 years, the concept of a loving family was something Boscoe sadly never got to...

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With an oversized tail and a T-Rex-sized loving heart, this clumsy, bouncy Labrador-Mastiff mix was the second half of a dynamic dog duo that wandered onto a California ranch years ago and quickly became the very heart...

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Captain Janeway

Stubborn and finicky old night owl gal who loves people and knows what she likes, and likes what she knows!  Captain Janeway’s longtime owner was no longer able to care for her, so she was temporarily placed in the care of...

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Chonk, a pawtastic possibly Puggle mix, is built like a perfect, scrumptious loaf of bread. Our friends at True and Faithful swooped in and rescued this deserving senior who had been in and out of...

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Harry the dog


Harry is ten pounds of power and personality, paired with a barbaric bark, packed into a feisty little blur of black fur with white accents. Sure, he may appear to be giving you a wink and some attitude, but he recently had a...

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photo of lexie


Lexie is a Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix. Never heard of that breed? Well, it’s a breed of hound descended from the English and American Foxhounds—but we digress. We believe she is roughly 9 years old and came to us...

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photo of lily


Photogenic and impossibly youthful, Lily is always ready to strike a sassy social media pose. She needs to sniff out your trustworthiness before letting you become a part of her 'fab-pack'.

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photo of link


Link is 1/2 of a bonded pair of senior Chihuahua mixes. Both Link (10) and Lola (14) suddenly found themselves without their human, who had sadly passed away unexpectedly.

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photo of lola


Lola is the other half of a bonded pair with Link. She is 4 pounds of sheer dynamite, a true Chihuahua with a personality the size of Texas.

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photo of mabel


A mischievous world traveler and former native of the mean streets of Mexico, Mabel sports a sassy gap between her teeth and struts with a melody in her step.

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Maggie and Bruno

Maggie and Bruno are best friends, and when we say best friends, we mean the absolute bestest of best friends. Never have we seen a bonded pair so deeply and undeniably bonded.

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photo of marvin


This merle-coated Chihuahua with a heart of gold may have a heart murmur, but he's an unstoppable, on-the-go heart patient who is closely monitored by his veterinarian after being rescued from a shelter where his former family had returned him not once, but twice.

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photo of patrick


A dynamo with the determined grit of a true survivor, Patrick came to us from True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission who plucked him from the shelter after he was hit by a car and sat in the shelter suffering for four days with a crushed pelvis.

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photo of pearl


Pearl is a 10-year-old Miniature Dachshund who made her way to becoming part of the PSDS family in May, 2021. Pearl was rescued along with little Sophia by our friends at National Mill Dog Rescue where they had sadly lived their entire lives as commercial breeding dogs.

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photo of piper


Our resident English Bulldog absolutely adores all humans and any food equally, with all of her heart and her winsome underbite working overtime to get as much of both as she possibly can.

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photo of poncho


Poncho is filled with relentless energy, proving to be a small yet mighty little dynamo flurrying about the sanctuary! He's not too proud to wear canine fashions with a flair…

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photo of scout


A soulful Golden Retriever mix who came to us as a feral dog from a New Mexico area Native American reservation, Scout is both regal with his silver muzzle and so Princely that he could just possibly be a secret member of the Royal Family.

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photo of sophia


Sophia Lucia is a 12-year old Miniature Dachshund and is 1/2 of a bonded pair with her sister, Pearl (11 years old). Sophia is a puppy mill survivor, and both Sophia and Pearl were rescued from our partner National Mill Dog Rescue in 2021.

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photo of sophie


Sophie is a little Shih Tzu that came from Denver Dumb Friends League in June of 2022. Sophie, who was badly neglected, was dropped in the overnight box at DDFL with a note saying that her owner was sick and in and out of hospitals and it wasn't fair to poor Sophie for her to continue living with her.

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