photo of poncho

Qualities - Poncho is filled with relentless energy, proving to be a small yet mighty little dynamo flurrying about the sanctuary! He's not too proud to wear canine fashions with a flair…after all, sometimes there is a chill in the air that flannel, fleece, or wool just takes the edge off of! If it fits, why not model it around with comfort as the driving factor? Poncho can bring sweetness with those warm, loving brown eyes you could get lost in, but don't be fooled: he has a penchant for being protective when necessary, too! After all, aren't seniors allowed to be a little crochety, cranky, and tiny bit territorial once in a while?

Occupation - Chief Security Officer and Personal Bodyguard (Protecting Mary is his his chief assignment)

Likes/Dislikes - Poncho loooooves his food, lap-sitting, yummy treats, and the pure unbridled freedom of golf cart rides (after all, caution must be thrown to the wind sometimes, you know?). He also likes protecting Mary from imaginary dangers. He dislikes his insulin shots, green beans, having to wear a diaper, and anyone getting near Mary—ever.

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