Maggie & Bruno

photo of maggie & bruno

Qualities -

Maggie and Bruno are best friends, and when we say best friends, we mean the absolute bestest of best friends. Never have we seen a bonded pair so deeply and undeniably bonded. While some rescues shy away from bonded pairs, we LOVE and accept them. Maggie is a Spaniel mix and a big little ball of energy and often overexerts herself. Bruno is a couch potato of a Puggle and kind of actually looks like a very cute potato with slightly bulging eyeballs. This bonded pair likes to spend their days napping together, exploring outside together, walking together, eating together, playing together, drinking together, and, well, you get the idea. They sure do love each other. They remind us of another bonded pair we had, Buddy and Oso (Buddy is still with us). Every bonded pair we see reminds us of how amazing dogs can be and how loyal they are to each other and to us very lucky humans. We have never had a dog— let alone a pair —integrate so well and so fast into the PSDS family. We credit this to their strong bond and the solace they have of finally being in a stable forever home. These special need pups are why we do what we do and we are so happy to have them as a part of our sanctuary family.

Occupation -

Canine Bonding Advisory Board and Lifelong Friendship Coaching Team. After all, they are walking the walk and talking the talk on it all, aren't they?

Likes/Dislikes -

Their 'likes' are being together 24/7, and doing pretty much every single thing together. No surprises there! Their dislikes are being apart. For even a moment. No surprise there, either!

S.A.S.S.-ability -

You can sponsor Maggie, Bruno—or both! Sponsoring a senior dog at PSDS offers the food, vaccines, medications and comfort these friends need during their Golden Years. This monthly gift offers not just hope...but a home, to these pups on their good days, their bad days, and their last days.

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