Pepper, Our Namesake

Pepper was a Pomeranian mix who spent his early life navigating years of neglect and heartbreak. He was rescued when he was seven years old by the love of his life, Mary, who saw through Pepper's tough exterior and unpleasant disposition that had served him well in his years of living in survival mode. It was love at first sniff. In Mary's loving arms, the grouchy, dental nightmare of a rescue dog found a new name – Pepper —and an unconditional love that carried him through the last five years of his life, including a battle with both diabetes and blindness. With Mary, he was safe and loved for exactly who he was, just like we'd all like to be. He became the inspiration for Pepper's Senior Dog Sanctuary, which opened in 2019. Our work here at PSDS honors his beautiful spirit every day! Read more about Pepper here.
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