Qualities – Ivory is a gorgeous lab mix who spent most of her life with someone who was unhoused. She is very happy to now always have a roof over her head and hopes the same is true for her former person. She is estimated to be around 13 and from the information we were given, most, if not all, of that time was spent on the streets. She now has some aches and pains and is enjoying her slower, more pampered lifestyle. Recently she was able to enjoy her very first frozen Kong and she loved it! She smiled for more than an hour after licking every spec of deliciousness out of that fun toy. She is also quite happy with the concept of regular meals and treats. Ivory is not a picky eater and seems to love everything but the frozen Kong and chicken are favorite treats. She is a calm girl who loves to lie with her head in your lap. She snuggles with Keysa and loves to explore. Please pet her, and if you aren’t and she wants you to, she will let you know with a gentle nudge of her nose. She also enjoys short slow walks where she can stop and smell all the flowers and lovely other smells. Sniffing for dogs is like reading for us, and brain stimulation is so important.

Occupation – Ivory is our Zen Master. She hopes to help the two leggers learn how to be in the moment, meditate and have a peaceful heart. It is an important job and she demonstrates these skills beautifully.

Likes/Dislikes – Ivory loves calm dogs of any size. Dogs with lots of energy are too much for her and she doesn’t like it when dogs tell her what to do. She likes to peacefully coexist with people and dogs. Ivory is looking forward to having a roommate. She seems to be a bit more comfortable with women so far but we think that will change quickly as she meets more of the wonderful male volunteers and staff. This is a very special girl and like her namesake, she is precious and should be guarded. Our Ivory is an exquisite gem who is now home at PSDS. We are so thrilled to be able to share our lives with Ivory and learn from her goodness!

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