Qualities – Lucy and her bonded friend, Ricky, came to us from The Denver Dumb Friend’s League. Lucy is approximately 11 years old and a beautiful Chihuahua. This girl is making progress on the fast track. When they first arrived, she often hid while Ricky barked to keep people away from her. Now, despite her sometimes judgy eyes, she is approaching people for love and treats. She warms up more quickly to women but that just means men should go slower, talk softly and bring treats. She loves treats and will put her paws on your leg for chicken. Our little explorer loves to be outside in the arena, checking out all the pee-mail and other delicious scents. She is a silly girl who will give kisses once she is comfortable with you. Lucy considers herself royalty and prefers canned food but will eat the dry food if she must but expect her judgy eyes then 😂

Occupation – Lucy is our Queen Lap Warmer. This allows her both to be the royalty that she truly is while allowing her greatest dream to come true - snuggling. She loves being in the Lazy Dog Lounge and snuggles close on laps for pets, naps, treats and just being.

Likes/Dislikes – Lucy loves to snuggle and slowly explore her new home. She doesn’t like it when people are too loud or move quickly as she can be a timid Queen. She considers the lazy boy chairs to be her personal thrones though she is happy to share them with people who are seeking a warmer lap no matter the temperature. She loves her new home at PSDS and is so thankful that she gets to spend the rest of her life with her Ricky!

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