Qualities – Keysa is the key holder for Pepper’s as she is the first official sanctuary resident. She is quite proud of this distinction and will happily show you around. She is a 13 year old Dachshund mix and she is quite silly and fun. She was an owner surrender to Denver Dumb Friend’s League and she has multiple health issues including cherry eye, arthritis and some metabolic issues. We are so happy to have her and provide excellent medical care for her. She loves to explore in any way possible. She loves the outdoor yards and the arena, she loves stroller walks and she is a great leash walker. She loves to be with people and wishes to accompany them whenever possible. She can be talkative and there is no fooling her - she knows when you are hiding more treats and will let you know that this displeases her. She is more comfortable with women but open to getting to know more men. She wants you to have calm energy and act peacefully around her and she is very willing to work on getting more comfortable with all men.

Occupation – Keysa is our Concierge. She loves to greet people and show them her beautiful new home. She will give you the best tour, just follow her wiggle butt, and then will make sure you are comfortable and warm by taking a lovely nap on your lap. She is a senior after all. She wants to model that we all need to take breaks for self care and demonstrates the benefits of a nice nap.

Likes/Dislikes – Keysa loves food including treats. She loves it all. She is enjoying getting more exercise which is helping her lose a bit of weight to make room for more food. Smart and practical, that is our Keysa! She loves to be around people and snooze on laps or in nearby beds. She loves calm big dogs like Ivory and her pals that she shares a room with: Ricky and Lucy. She is excited for more dogs to join the Pepper’s Family as she wants to get to work settling them in. Keysa is calmer and calmer every day as she knows that Pepper’s is her forever home and she gives it two dew claws up!

Keysa is 50% sponsored.

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