Qualities – Sometimes the package is much smaller than the personality and that is the case with our sweet Edith. She came to us from DDFL and weighs a whopping 2.5 pounds. Because Edith was a stray, the best guess is that she is 12 and a Chihuahua. Edith is a bit of a diva which we love. She loves frequent wardrobe changes and burrowing in blankets. Her favorite place to be is on Mary’s lap. 

Occupation – Because of her desire to spend all day snuggling on Mary’s lap, she would like her job to be a living blanket. She wants to be with Mary all the time so at any point she can spring into action and take her rightful place on her lap. This benefits her as well, as she does tire quickly, so she thinks it’s a win win. 

Likes/Dislikes – Edith loves her new fancy diet. She eats well and will tell you all about how happy she is, or if she needs or wants something. You can find her chasing her tail. She is curious and friendly. She has a lot of confidence and likes to go for walks. She especially loves to go for walks with Chonk but she really prances more than walks. It doesn’t matter if she is on a leash or inside somewhere, if she is moving, she is prancing. It is a not to be missed sight! We adore this little beauty and are so happy we can spend our days loving her!

S.A.S.S.-ability - You can sponsor Edith! Sponsoring a senior dog at PSDS offers the food, vaccines, medications and comfort these friends need during their Golden Years. This monthly gift offers not just hope...but a home, to these pups on their good days, their bad days, and their last days.

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