Qualities – Buffy is a super sweet, yet very shy, 17 year old Terrier Mix. As with many of our dogs, her history is mostly unknown. We do know that she adores her sister Bounce and they are a bonded pair. She is doing very well especially with those people she knows better. She loves to sniff everyone’s hands but unless she knows someone really well, she would like you to wait before you pet her. She spends her days going on sniffaris, exploring all the delectable scents in the sanctuary. She loves to ride in the stroller and sniffs the air outside while enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather. When she knows someone well, she will lick hands and sniff for treats while doing so. She feels like a Queen with her bath and new groom. Buffy is not a fan of kibble and is really loving her new home cooked food that she is fed here at the sanctuary.

Occupation – Buffy would like to be a Pampered Princess. She is 17 years old and deserves nothing but a beautiful home, healthy food, great medical care, massages, therapy and most of all, LOVE.

Likes/Dislikes – Buffy loves the sensory garden and especially the waterfall. She loves Bounce and exploring. Sniffing is a favorite pastime. Buffy is looking for comfort and we are so happy to have her here at Pepper’s where she can live out her wonderful life in nothing but comfort.

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