Boscoe: Hello, I'm the Walking & Exploration Patrol Coordinator
Qualities – Our senior Basset Hound is equal parts sweet and quirky ole man. Because he was a breeding dog in a commercial puppy mill most of his 11 years, the concept of a loving family was something Boscoe sadly never got to experience until he came to us through the National Mill Dog Rescue. His gratitude from being taken out of the rough life and into a loving life at PSDS is obvious…he had no idea that life could be so good!

Occupation – Walking and Exploration Patrol Coordinator & Tail-Wiggle-Dancer Hobbyist: In his new ‘leash on life’, Boscoe has discovered this new activity called ‘walking’…and he adores getting outside to explore with his new human friends. Boy oh boy does he love exploring, with his Basset Hound sniffer leading him to all of the ‘good smell’ places that exist out there on the PSDS property. Boscoe likes to swing his caboose liberally when he’s excited, so he’s also been deemed the resident Tail-Wiggle Dancer of PSDS.

Likes/Dislikes – At the end of the day, Boscoe loves to curl up in a soft dog bed, even if it’s not his. He has also come to love stuffed animals…things he never had before and now he seemingly can’t live without! Seriously… give him allll the stuffed animals. He loves his toys ALMOST as much as he loves food. Sadly, he wasn’t used to getting regular meals when he was younger, so now it’s kind of a big deal when it’s time for breakfast and dinner! He loves to thank the humans with some hound howls because it’s the polite thing to do, right? He dislikes those moments when his past life before PSDS comes to mind, and doesn’t like people who don’t value the importance of a dog’s life.
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