Stephanie Ward

Sanctuary Dog Care & Volunteer Coordinator

Stephanie holding a dog

Stephanie is a proud Colorado native, Wheat Ridge Farmer, and CSU Ram. So it is fitting that from age five, her wish was to be a cowgirl surrounded by dogs and farm animals. Growing up she was sure the cherry tree in the backyard provided enough shade for a pony. While that turned out not to be, here she is some fifty years later, the dog and farm animal wish have come true.

She is a caregiver at heart, for people and animals. She honed her skills as a stay-at-home mom to her now-grown son and daughter, as well as Tucker, Woodrow, and Buddy along the way. Her current senior and special needs rescue, Dolly and Connie, deliver antics and joy daily.

After fielding some major life-changing curve balls, Stephanie has landed on her feet at PSDS. She connects so closely with the mission and loves being included in the tight-knit community. She has a slight crush on Chonk, the amazing puggle (a senior resident at PSDS), as they started their PSDS journeys on the same day. Lastly, Steph is pretty even-keeled unless you try to take away her college football, Doritos, or Fruity Pebbles.

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