photo of scout

Qualities -

A soulful Golden Retriever mix who came to us as a feral dog from a New Mexico area Native American reservation, Scout is both regal with his silver muzzle and so Princely that he could just possibly be a secret member of the Royal Family.

Occupation -

Benevolent Resident Prince and Senior Athlete: Scout manages the PSDS estate with infinite patience and wisdom and he moonlights as a semi-professional senior athlete—runner division.

Likes/Dislikes -

He loves hugs, affection, kindness, long walks, windy car rides, warm dog beds, kind and trustworthy people, and more hugs. For a guy who would never have known life inside a palace prior to adoption, he's handled his transition to royalty quite well.

S.A.S.S.-ability -

You can sponsor Scout! Sponsoring a senior dog at PSDS offers the food, vaccines, medications and comfort these friends need during their Golden Years. This monthly gift offers not just hope...but a home, to these pups on their good days, their bad days, and their last days.

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