Qualities – Rosie is a regal looking 9-year-old Bull Terrier. She was surrendered to Denver Dumb Friends League and had no interested adopters. We were thrilled to get her as a permanent family member at Pepper’s! She is a very curious and energetic girl who loves to climb on things in our agility area. She loves the ball pit whether it has balls or beds in it. She likes to climb on the slide tower and look down on her kingdom. She is another self appointed Queen at Pepper’s but she is Queen of the more active doggies. We are not sure of Rosie’s background but suspect some trauma that causes her to be a bit “extra” and unpredictable when something scares her. We are trying to learn her triggers and so far know unexpected loud noises are very scary and she goes into protective mode. She wants to be large and in charge and we will be carefully screening new dogs as prospective roommates for this sweet girl. She adores walks though she walks slowly and zig zags in front of you when on leash. She is intensely curious and loves to meet new people. If you are sitting or working at the picnic table in the yard, she will simply put her front paws up to see what you are doing and scope out treats. She is more comfortable quickly with women but happy to meet men who calmly bring her yummy treats and who move slowly yet confidently.

Occupation – Rosie is the Fun Police. If she thinks you are not having enough fun or being silly enough, she will encourage it. We do know that while she wants us to be sillier, we must be aware that sudden movements and loud noises scare even the toughest in Law Enforcement so we work with the parameters she sets.

Likes/Dislikes – Rosie loves to snuggle with people. If you calmly enter her yard and she greets you, she will love to snuggle with you. She is so sweet and loving. She is so happy at meal time and does not have a picky bone in her body. She loves all food and all treats. She does not like loud unexpected noises or actions. She is learning every day so typical things are becoming less unexpected for her. Rosie is a very special girl who has found her forever home at PSDS. We think she is absolutely perfect and are excited to watch her continued growth!

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