Qualities – Ricky and his bonded friend Lucy came to us from The Denver Dumb Friends League. He is a 9 year old tan Chihuahua who sees his main responsibility as guarding Lucy, though he is relaxing more and more each day as he sees that she is safe and loved. Where Lucy is the Queen, Ricky considers himself more of a Royal Guard. He will strut around as new people enter and will decide if he must bark or just watch closely. He used to bark with every entry even if the people had just left and he knew them, so this tells us he is feeling safer himself. He will sleep soundly in a preferred bed after making sure Lucy is happy. He loves both the bucket beds and the pineapple bed in the lazy boy yard but he is also a curious boy who loves to slowly explore the world that is now his permanent home. Want to go outside? YES! Want to go for a slow walk? YES! Want to ride in the stroller? YES! Want a treat? YES, YES, YES!!! Lucy may have her thrones but Ricky has his own special perch where he can better see everything to assure Lucy’s wellbeing. He likes to be on a special staff member's shoulders and look down on all the peasants in the kingdom he guards. He is such a fun and silly little - oops - we mean BIG tough Napoleon.

Occupation – Royal Guard and Chief Taste Tester. Ricky’s protective nature has been mentioned but he also must taste all the food first to be sure his Queen is eating safe and tasty food. He has quite the discriminating palate and has clearly let us know he should be fed canned food and ONLY canned food. We are happy to oblige. He loves treats but especially chicken and is happy to be sure it is all safe by eating it before any of his friends. He wants you to know he is not being selfish - rather he is careful and protective as that is his job!

Likes/Dislikes – Ricky is a fun, curious guy. It is really fun watching him settle in at PSDS and become more comfortable. He prefers women currently but can be won over by men who move slowly and speak softly. His heart and belly are connected and he is quickly won over by bringing him some yummy treats. If you feed him, he is much quicker to love and start to trust you. He loves to eat and when you spend some time with him, he will happily share some gas with you. If you listen very carefully, you may get lucky enough to hear Ricky say, “Lucy, we’re home!”

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