Qualities – Red is thought to be a Great Pyrenees Mix who is at least 11 years old. He is a gentle giant who came to use in rough shape. He came to Pepper’s from a shelter in Cortez that was unequipped to provide the medical attention needed. Red suffered long-term neglect and has severe spinal cord injury. Upon arrival his coat was completely matted and full of burrs. He currently has a lion cut to remove all those painful matts and to make it easier for acupuncture and medical interventions that are helping to improve his mobility. This haircut seems to have bolstered his confidence. While exhausted and reclusive upon arrival, he has started to come out of his shell. With the help of Pepper’s magic, we are seeing a curious, super friendly, more confident pup. He is being fitted for a wheelchair. We are so excited to see his ability to move more and explore!

Occupation – Red is now the stoic leader of the Pepper’s Club where he can overlook everything with glasses perched on his nose. His royal demeanor (and current haircut) give him even more nobility. He looks and doesn’t judge, but cheers everyone on and is planning more activities for all the dogs. 

Likes/Dislikes – Red was severely malnourished and is very underweight. His rescue thought he hadn’t been fed regularly but now he is loving his meals and snacks at the sanctuary. He eats voraciously and is quite happy to have a full belly! Due to his neuropathy, he lost the ability to empty his own bladder and as a result it is quite enlarged. The vet team is expressing his bladder for him and he is more comfortable as a result. With meds and therapy, the vet team is hopeful that his bladder will reduce to regular size and he will become more content with his meds and therapy. He does prefer to be pet where is hair is long because of the change in sensation that comes along with his injury. His curiosity to explore his new home and life outside the sanctuary walls has definitely piqued and as his health improves we can’t wait to see where it will lead him. He already loves all his visitors who bring love, food, pats and treatments. If he could talk, Red would say, “Thank you Pepper’s staff, volunteers and supporters for caring about me and taking such great care of me! Life is GREAT!”

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