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Qualities -

Pearl is a ten-year-old Miniature Dachshund who made her way to becoming part of the PSDS family in May, 2021. Pearl was rescued along with little Sophia by our friends at National Mill Dog Rescue where they had sadly lived their entire lives as commercial breeding dogs. Once these lovely little ladies were rescued, they found their way to much happier lives filled with love here at PSDS. Pearl has an incredibly sweet and funny lil personality, but unlike her sister Sophia she's not all up in your face trying to get your attention, she just knows she is adorable and when she feels like interacting, she'll let you know. Welcome to the family, Pearly girl!

Occupation -

Toothless Pit Viper Impersonator and Chief Napping Environment Engineer

Likes/Dislikes -

Pearl is driven by napping and quality uninterrupted solo time. If she is not sleeping in her hotdog bed wrapped in her tortilla blanket, she is enjoying her alone time away from anyone or anything that may disturb and bother her. Pearl dislikes when anyone comes close to her and her napping environment. She has been known to snap at fellow resident, Piper, to make it known that she is in charge, though she has zero teeth and Piper is a bulldog weighing over fifty pounds! Because of this, Pearl has earned the funny nickname of “pit viper”.

S.A.S.S.-ability -

You can sponsor Pearl! Sponsoring a senior dog at PSDS offers the food, vaccines, medications and comfort these friends need during their Golden Years. This monthly gift offers not just hope...but a home, to these pups on their good days, their bad days, and their last days.

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