Rehab and Massage

I realized my love for canine rehab and massage while volunteering at a canine rehab facility in 2012 when I took my own dog in for rehab. I fell in love with the profession immediately when I realized I could help improve a dog’s quality of life and make them more comfortable. I went on and graduated from the New England Institute of Technology with an Associates in Science Degree in Veterinary Technology, as well as going to the University of Tennessee for Canine Rehabilitation. My love for helping geriatric patients and other arthritic dogs lead me to go on and become certified in canine massage at the Brandenburg Massage Therapy program. I worked in a rehab facility in Massachusetts since 2014 and continued on to do the job I love fitting in massages anywhere I can whether it be in the pool, underwater treadmill, draped over an exercise ball or on a bed.  

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