Margaret is a 9 year old American Eskimo dog born on 8/28/14. She was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue after being a breeder mama for 3,259 days. She is an amazing girl who is curious, smart and resilient but her medical issues, especially unmanaged diabetes, caused her to be overlooked and not adopted.

She loves to explore her surroundings and walks are the best after life in a tiny cage with 2-3 other dogs. She does best when she is around a more socialized dog. She is cautious around new people, approaching slowly to sniff them as long as they are calm. Once she knows someone, she chooses her favorite person and will approach them easily and follow them around. She is not a cuddler but will come up for pets/scratches. She will sit on laps for short periods of time but then is ready to get down and stretch out.

Margaret has been called bossy but she prefers the term assertive and she is known to self advocate. She doesn't like to share her food and since Pepper’s Pups are fed independently, she is thrilled. Margaret discovered the joys of snow fall and sunshine and she will roll around in both. She loves having so much space and being able to sniff all the pee mail she finds around.

Occupation - Margaret sees herself as the surveyor of Pepper’s - she likes to watch and make sure everything is clean and safe, that everyone has enough space, and that all are treated with love and respect. So far she gives Pepper’s 4 paws up!

Likes / Dislikes - Margaret is recovering from a long life in a puppy mill where she was not socialized. She loves quiet naps and a consistent routine. She is excited that the full time diabetes monitor provided by Pepper’s Veterinary Staff, is helping manage her diabetes that was previously unmanaged. She wants people to respect her space and to sit quietly with her and not be offended if she ignores you. Any positive interaction, even if it is from across the yard, helps change the neural connections in her brain.

We are so excited to share our lives with Margaret and watch her progress. She gets to determine the timing as she learns to build new relationships.

Welcome to Pepper’s sweet Margaret!