Qualities – Luna is a 10 year old mixed breed girl. She came to us from DDFL and we see mini poodle in her but please guess on other breeds. Cocker? Maybe. Shih Tzu? Possibly. Chihuahua? Who knows. What we do know is she is delightful in every possible way! Luna was the Roman Goddess of the Moon and like our Man in the Moon, she loves to see everything going on around her. She wants to be in the center of the action and she wants love. We are blessed to have her due to her multiple medical issues and are hoping that Pepper’s Magic will help her live a long and happy life. Her eyes are stunningly beautiful and are as big as a full moon. She is a joyful girl who personifies bubbly.

Occupation –  Luna is our cruise director who greets everyone and wants to be sure they know where all the action is. She would like to join in the action as well.

Likes/Dislikes – Luna loves all food but is a slower eater so needs to eat alone so she can enjoy her food in a leisurely manner. She also is not a fan of dog bowls and prefers to dine on a plate or out of someone’s hand. She is a champ at playing fetch and loves to go for long walks or rides in the golf carts. She has quickly become a favorite resident and we are thrilled to have her here at Pepper’s!

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