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Qualities -

Lexie is a Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix. Never heard of that breed? Well, it's a breed of hound descended from the English and American Foxhounds—but we digress. We believe she is roughly nine years old and came to us from Denver Dumb Friends League. Lexie's middle name should be 'Houdini' because she is an ardent and rather skilled escape artist. She likes to exuberantly run and jump over things, right on to human targets. She likes to nap hard in the mornings and distance hike in the afternoons. She naps so deeply that her nails can be trimmed without her even batting an eyelash! Lexie is rather shameless and has no boundaries, pushing and pushing until she gets her scratches from any human willing to give in to her insistence. We don't have a lot of background on Lexie other than she ended up at the DDFL twice and that she has had some cysts removed. Lexie is already settling in with her new brothers and sisters and we are so happy she has found her forever home with us here.

Occupation -

Kitchen Cleaning Crew Manager and Security Guard

Likes/Dislikes -

Lexie likes howling, napping, running with her favorite pal, Buddy. During her long morning naps, she dreams of being able to chase bunnies and terrorize the chickens again. Her main dislike? Being locked in the living room while people are cooking in the kitchen.

S.A.S.S.-ability -

You can sponsor Lexie! Sponsoring a senior dog at PSDS offers the food, vaccines, medications and comfort these friends need during their Golden Years. This monthly gift offers not just hope...but a home, to these pups on their good days, their bad days, and their last days.

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