Jes Cytron

photo of jes
Jes (they/them) has a life-long dedication and great love for senior animals. With over a decade of experience in animal welfare, Jes is employed as the Dumb Friends League’s Director of Shelter Behavior and Veterinary Services. Jes and their husband Matias have fostered almost 100 dogs and reptiles over the last 10 years, bringing great care and love towards all of their charges, particularly the senior sweethearts. While Jes’ background in animal advocacy has a heavy focus on behavioral health, they have also implemented and guided medically complex cases both through their positions in animal welfare as well as in a volunteer capacity through fostering. Jes prioritizes individual welfare of animals through a holistic perspective – ensuring the inclusion of both physical and psychological health in their approach. Jes’ other passions include diversity, equity, and inclusion education and disability advocacy. When relaxing, Jes can be found near any body of water (with rivers being their favorite), walking their dogs, or helping their husband in the garden.
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