Qualities - Crystal is a 15 year old West Highland Terrier. She was rescued by the National Mill Dog Rescue after 14 years 11 months and 26 days, likely in a breeding cage measuring 30” by 30”. Crystal was born on 12/17/2008. That is a long time to be confined with 2-3 other dogs and have puppies every cycle. She weighs 16 pounds and is a very curious soul despite her lack of socialization and exposure to things most dogs take for granted. She loves things such as snuffle mats, socializing with other dogs and lounging in the inside and outside yards. She loves sitting in the sun, enjoying more space than she ever knew and being around quiet other dogs like her buddy Butch. Crystal has some health issues from being bred for so many years and these include arthritis which can make her uncomfortable if you pick her up.

Occupation - Crystal has applied to be Pepper’s Pampered Princess. She said she had to work her whole life and now she just wants to sit back and relax while being fed excellent food and being treated like the queen that she is.

Likes / Dislikes - Crystal thrives on quiet and calm routines and environments. She loves to bask in the sun, check out all the comfy beds, and she loves to slowly explore her new surroundings. She loves living in a clean place and is very thankful for excellent medical attention. She is not comfortable with people though she is curious. She requests that you enter her space slowly and quietly without making eye contact and just share the air. If she approaches you, please let her sniff your fingers and try touching her under the chin - avoid going over her head as that is very scary for most puppy mill survivors. We are thrilled to give Crystal a peaceful landing space for her golden years and excited to see what healing will look like!!
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