Qualities - Butch is a Yorkshire Terrier who was rescued by the National Mill Dog Rescue after being a puppy mill dad his whole life. He lived in a tiny cage for 3,118 days until he was rescued. His birthday is 5/7/15 so that was 8 ½ long years with one job and very minimal contact with humans. He was rescued with many health issues that caused him to be overlooked. The excellent veterinary staff at Pepper’s has taken incredible care of him and he is thriving. Now retired and loving life, he is a sunbather, a sweet protector of Crystal and a tentative lap lover. He looks timid but when people sit quietly with him and do not make eye contact, he will warm up quicker. Talking to him is a new experience and really not comforting, rather more disconcerting, so quiet is very important. Butch does love lap time when he knows people. He loves to be around other dogs as they are very comforting. He also loves to be able to sniff and explore.

Occupation - Butch would like to strike out and explore every inch of Pepper’s. He sees himself as the Pepper’s Explorer. His nose is ready, his desire strong and he wants to be sure every flower smells wonderful.

Likes/Dislikes - Butchie loves quiet and routine. When he trusts someone enough to crawl onto their lap, all 8 pounds of him snuggle in and he is blissed out. Once he is comfortable, petting him and the base and behind his ears are his favorites. Comfortable dog beds are a new favorite thing for Butch. Lying in the sunshine is one of Butch’s favorite things now that he is out of the puppy mill. Butch is loving the slower pace of life and the calm routines being provided to him by the amazing staff and volunteers at Pepper’s. We are thrilled to have him with us and help him become the spoiled boy he deserves to be!
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